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Serra da Estrela Ski Resort in Northern Portugal

Item # 2133
Location: Portugal, Northern
Town: Serra da Estrela
Name: Winter Sports in the Serra da Estela Mountains
Category: Recreation and Sports, Skiing and Winter Sports
Posted by: Prime Holiday

Portugal certainly isn't famous as a holiday destination for winter sports, but in the Serra da Estrela mountains in Northern Portugal, at an altitude of 1,993 m (around 6,541 feet) there's sufficient snow during the winter for skiing and snowboarding.

As a ski resort, its nine rather short pistes certainly cannot compete with the Alps, nor even with the ski resorts in neighbouring Spain, but it does offer a host of outdoor activities throughout the year from rock climbing to mountain biking and horseback riding. Many of the tourists that visit the Serra da Estrela Natural Park come simply to walk through the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

There's also a year round snow park with artificial pistes and floodlights for evening skiing. The park has s piste for beginners and a 400 metre long piste for intermediate skiers. There's also a half-pipe for snowboarders and 300 metre ski-lift.