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The Historic City Centre of Évora

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Location: Portugal, Alentejo, Central
Town: Évora
Name: Évora
Category: Holiday Resorts, Resorts and Destinations
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Évora, in the heart of the Central Alentejo, is surrounded by undulating golden wheat fields in the midst of the arid agricultural plains of one of Portugal’s poorest regions. The city dates back to Roman times when it was a military outpost in 80 BC. Évora reached its peak in the golden years of the 15th century when it became a centre or learning and culture and the residence of the Portuguese Royal Family.

Today, Évora’s past importance as an historic and cultural centre is evident from the museum, cathedral and Roman Temple of Diana, which dates from 2nd century AD. In reflection of its glorious past the historic centre of Évora was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. Visitors to Évora can not only enjoy the city’s heritage but also the quaint narrow streets, flanked by whitewashed houses decorated with hand painted blue and white tiles called azulejos, but also the fabulous restaurants serving traditional Alentejo cuisine accompanied by some exceptional wines and delicious cheese, for which the region is famous.