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Holidays in Malta

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Location: Malta
Town: Malta
Name: Malta Travel Guide
Category: Holiday Resorts, Resorts and Destinations
Posted by: Prime Holiday

Malta is situated in the Mediterranean just south of Sicily. It's made up of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, covering a total area of just 316 sq km (122 sq miles). Malta is a popular tourist destination, especially with the British, who have historical ties to the Islands.

Malta's excellent Mediterranean climate makes it popular with holidaymakers, especially the British who have historical ties with the Islands, having ruled their since 1799 until 1964. Apart from its links with Britain, Malta has historical and cultural links with Italy and in May 2004 Malta joined the EU.

Maltese is the primary language spoken on Malta. Its roots are from Arabic but it has a lot of Italian vocabulary. English is Mata's second language and the mother tongue of a minority of the Maltese.

The Republic of Malta has a population of around 400,000 living on Malta, Gozo, Comino, while the islands of Kemmunett and Filfla are uninhabited. The capital and main port is Valetta on Malta with 7,173 inhabitants.

The Archipelago of Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean - 93 km south of Italy and 290 km north of North Africa. Malta is relatively low lying, with the highest point just the 239 m (785 ft) above sea level.

The main Island of Malta has an area of is 246 sq km (95 sq mi), while Gozo, just 5 km to the north west of Malta has an area of 67 sq km (26 sq mi). The main airport is on Malta but Gozo can be reached by a 25 minute car ferry crossing and also by helicopter.

For a series of small islands, Malta has a lot to offer its visitors. There are loads of things to do with water sports, walking and sightseeing, and Malta has even been described as an open air museum.

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